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Ben Roach

UX Designer.


01 / HELLO 👋

Hey friends! I'm Ben Roach, a UX leader based in the Windy City. I work at Google where I've built a highly skilled and inclusive international team and have made it my mission to craft top-notch experiences.


I can't share any of my recent professional work publicly due to pesky NDAs, but I'm always happy to chat about my design process and results.

If you're curious, check out some of my design explorations on 


03 / ABOUT BEN 👏

I'm a seasoned UX leader with a background in traditional graphic design and a love for data. Throughout my career, I've had opportunities to design a diverse range of digital products, from e-commerce platforms to advanced cyber security tools and everything in between. I've been fortunate to work with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Google, Amazon, Nike, Fiat Chrysler, McDonald's and many more. I've also won a few awards and hold a US patent.

Since 2019, I've been at Google where I've grown my team from one person (me) to a diverse, international group of 20+ UX professionals. We create experiences for a broad portfolio of specialized cyber security tools that protect Google from the world's most sophisticated threat actors, including government sponsored attacks.

Before Google, I was a Principal UXD at Amazon where I focused on designing experiences at scale for millions of users across their iOS, Android, and web shopping platforms.

When I'm not working, I'm hanging out with family and friends, traveling as much as possible, and attempting to garden. You can see my full resume here or learn more on LinkedIn.

04 / CONTACT ✌️

Ready to connect? Email me using the form, hit me up on LinkedIn, or follow me on Dribbble.

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