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I'm Ben Roach.
I design
& interactions.

Client logos

I'm a UX design leader with a background in traditional graphic design who geeks out over data. Over the last decade I've designed a bit of everything ranging from car websites to e-commerce platforms to advanced cyber security tools (and all sorts of stuff in between). In that time I've helped win a few awards and I hold one US patent.

Jeep UI
Fiat mobile UI

Automotive websites: During my time working at Publicis Sapient, I worked on the Fiat Chrysler Automotive account. FCA's brand websites were not optimized for small screen sizes, so I optimized the mobile web experience for each of their brands: Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, Ram Trucks.

I grew up in Wisconsin and went to college in Milwaukee where I got a degree in Graphic Design. After graduation, I made my way to Chicago and spent the next few years working in the fast-paced agency world working with clients like Nike, McDonald's and National Geographic.

After a few years focused on digital marketing and advertising, I became increasingly fascinated with user-centered design processes and the intersection of science and creativity. I shifted my career focus to UX design and have been fully invested in this space ever since.

Sears Parts Direct UX
SPD design exploration
Visual heatmap

Sears Parts Direct: My first in-house UX gig was at Sears. I didn't last too long, lol... but I learned a ton about how to objectively measure success in digital experiences. Had a chance to work with a great research team for the first time which was eye-opening.

In 2015, I accepted a design role at Amazon and moved to Seattle. I spent the next four years hiking in the PNW on weekends, and obsessing over customers and working backwards from their needs on weekdays. I got to work alongside a ton of incredibly brilliant people—designers, researchers, product managers, engineers—designing experiences at scale for millions of global users.

Amazon Prime filter

Amazon Prime toggle: Analytics showed that customers were struggling to discover and apply the Prime filter on mobile devices, so I designed and launched a simple toggle that made it quicker and easier for customers to apply the Prime filter. I was an instant hit with users and has been a mainstay feature in the app ever since.

Amazon editorial recommendations widget

Amazon editorial recommendations: Research showed that customers were struggling to make "high consideration" purchases on Amazon. I led UX for a multi-year to introducing trusted, third-party recommendations to search results. The experiments were hugely successful and today you can find these recommendation widgets all over the place when searching on Amazon.

In 2019, I left Amazon to found a new Google UX team back in Chicago. I've grown what started as a team of one into an international group of UX designers and researchers. My team designs a portfolio of advanced cyber security tools used to protect Alphabet from the world's most sophisticated threat actors, including nation states. We build tools for investigating threats, conducting digital forensics, managing incidents, and much more. Our mission is to make Alphabet the most secure and trusted place for data.

Security icons

Security UX: I can't show any of my security work since it's highly confidential, so enjoy these Google-style security icons instead :)

Want to get in touch? Feel free to send me an email or connect on LinkedIn. You can also follow me on Dribbble, where I explore UI design trends.

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