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Establishing a new UX team within Google's Enterprise Security organization.

👨‍💻 UX Manager        🗓️ 2019 – Now        🕒 15 min read


In 2019, I joined Google to build a new in-house UX team supporting their Enterprise Security organization, which is responsible for keeping the company—and the data of billions of users around the world—safe at scale.

📈 Scaled global team from 0 to more than 20; defined team structure, processes, roadmap.

✨ Positioned UX as a strategic partner in a space that had no previous experience working with the UX discipline.

🔭 Defined a compelling team vision, mission, principles, and strategy, while building a strong and inclusive team culture.

🚀 Led numerous products from idea to launch, dozens of redesigns, and hundreds of new feature releases.


Full case study 🔒

I do not host full case studies publicly in order to comply with NDA. If you are interested in learning more about the details of this work, please contact me.

Other work

Ukrainian refugee portal

Working with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to launch an emergency relief portal for people affected by the war in Ukraine.

🗓️ 2022        🕒 20 min read

Refining Amazon search

Leading a company-wide initiative to overhaul Amazon's outdated global search refinement experience.

🗓️ 2018        🕒 12 min read

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